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Check your couple's astrological compatibility with Astrology For Lovers

Many people won't dare to make any decision without consulting their daily horoscope. And, of course, one of the most important decisions one has to made is related to the loving relationships with another person. Astrology for Lovers is an easy-to-use program that lets you check the astrological compatibility between you and your loved one, thus allowing you to decide if you want to start or continue that relationship, and telling you about the changes both of you need to make in order to improve your relationship. By following a series of easy steps, you will obtain a comprehensive astrological view of you and your loved one. First, you need to enter basic data about both of you, like your name, birthday, place of birth and so on. If the place where any or both of you is not featured in the built-in list, you can add it to the database by entering its name, longitude, latitude and other information. Also, if you don't know your time of birth, you can choose the "Unknown" option. Once you have entered the data, a horoscope wheel chart would appear, showing your birth charts. Also, you can visualize charts showing your compatibility in many aspects like romance, family, career, and more. You can consult your modalities (use of your energy) and your dominant element (earth, air, fire, or wind). The program gives you a lot of information regarding all these aspects by clicking on the different menus. If you love astrology and need help to decide on a relationship, this program is for you. You can download and evaluate a trial version during a 30-day period.

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